? Austrian SinMooHapkido Association (ASMHA)

Fr, 15.4. till Su, 17.4.2022
World SinMooHapkido summit in Bray/Irland
This year the Easter Seminar is being organized by GM Massan Ghorbani and will be held in Bray Wicklow, Ireland. The ASMHA will be there with about 12 participants and will then explore the sights of the surrounding area for a few more days.


Th, 3.3.2022
Start University-Trainings
On Thursday 3.3. the university training for the summer semester 2021/2022 begins again. Unfortunately, due to the current Covid situation, no club members are currently allowed to train.


Contact Info
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Austrian SinMooHapkido Associaton
c/o GM Walter Hubmann
Rannachstra├če 9, A-8046 Graz

Email: whubmann@gmail.com
Tel.: +43 699 10300 007


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The "Austrian SinMooHapkido Association" (ASMHA) was founded on behalf of (Dojunim) Ji, Han-Jae on Dec. 22, 1990 for the purpose of dissemination and promotion of the Korean Martial Art "SinMooHapKido".

"ASMHA" is the governing body for all SinMooHapkido clubs and schools in Austria.

Dojunim Ji Han-Jae (Founder of SinMooHapkido)