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What is SinMooHapkido

SinMooHapkido is a modern Korean martial art, developed by the founder (Dojunim) Ji Han-Jae in the middle of the 20th century, which combines the physical, mental and spiritual aspects. This martial art is neither combat nor competitive sport, but rather a philosophy of life which, in addition to self-defence, focuses on the development of one's own personality.

It's not about points in competition or top athletic performance, but about the question of how to keep physically and mentally fit into old age. The goal is a healthy, balanced, peaceful life in harmony with yourself, with your fellow human beings and with the forces of nature. This martial art is aimed at all people who want to take this path in life, regardless of age, physical fitness and constitution.

The unity of body, mind and soul creates the basis for the development of a strong personality that is up to the challenges of everyday life and can defend itself effectively and appropriately even in the event of enemy attacks. This is the main idea underlying this martial art. SinMooHapkido is often also referred to as "Gentleman's Martial Art" (martial art of honorable people), since it is not aimed at fighting and destroying the opponent, but represents a last resort for solving a conflict while protecting the opponent as much as possible.

SinMoo is a synonym for a higher technology in martial arts that includes not only the physical and mental forces but also the mental, spiritual forces.

SinMoo  Sin: (Shin) supernatural, spiritual, divine power
 Moo: Martial Art, war art

Hapkido loosely translated means "path to the harmony of forces" or "life in harmony with the energy of the universe".

 Hap: Together, Community, Harmony, Unity 
 Ki: Light, Energy, Life force
 Do: Way, Principle, Teaching method

SinMooHapkido essentially consists of the physical, mental and spiritual training elements that determine each training session.

* The physical training through physical training and self-defence serves to maintain health and strengthen the body as well as to increase the resistance and functionality of the entire organism.

* The mental training mainly through meditation, energy and breathing training serves to strengthen life energy and willpower.

* The spiritual training through power meditation, control of emotions, study of Asian philosophies, wisdom and naturopathy serves to develop the personality.

Studying martial arts challenges and promotes body and mind alike. Regular training soon sets in a general sense of well-being, physical and mental performance is improved, the immune system and internal organs are strengthened and many of the ailments of civilization are resolved. The discipline of martial arts brings back old, mostly forgotten values and contributes to the positive development of character and personality.

SinMooHapkido is an aid to attaining a new, higher consciousness and points the way to a healthier lifestyle, a better quality of life, for your own good and for the good of all fellow human beings.

Studying martial arts to develop your own personality is a lifelong challenge.