? Austrian SinMooHapkido Association (Trainingstermine)

Training Budo-Center Andritz

Budo-Center Andritz is the headquarter of the ASMHA.

Our Club training takes place every Wednesday evening in Budo-Center Andritz.

Except on public holidays we can train continuously.

Budo-Center Andritz

In the summer and winter semester, our members can take part in the Monday and Thursday units of the University Sportsinstitute Graz free of charge and thus have the opportunity to train 3 times a week.

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Budo Center Andritz
Radegunderstraße 10,A-8045 Graz

18.00 - 20.00 o´clock - SinMooHapkido

7.1.2022 - 21.12.2022 -
Private-Lessons,Special-Seminars and Instructor-Courses
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Budocenter Andritz

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